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Biti Pies and Cakes of Amarillo, TX

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Although our Biti Pecan Pie was recently voted in the top ten pecan pies in Texas, don't forget to try all of our delicious flavors! We can ship our Itty Biti Pies and Cakes straight to your door, or you can swing by our bakery and pick up any of our products. You can also grab one of our Itty Biti specialties in many convenience stores. What? You say. Some of the top ten desserts in Texas are available at a corner store near me? Exactly right! Be on the lookout for us near you, we are expanding our distribution constantly.

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Miniature Pies and Cakes - A Perfectly Unique Gift for Holidays, Birthdays and other Special Occasions.

Whether you are looking to have fabulous gourmet desserts shipped to your house, you are craving a perfect pie or cake in your local convenience store, or you are driving through Amarillo, Tx and wish to have treats like your mom and grandma made, Biti Pies are the products for you. We can ship anything from our Itty Biti line of products straight to your door, and they are the cheapest, best pies available online. That's right, we said CHEAPEST and BEST, at the same time. Sorry competition, you lose! Don't believe us? Just check out the video below to see what Bob Phillips thinks of Biti Pies and cakes done the old fashioned way!

Now that you've seen what Bob Phillips of Texas Country Reporter thinks, below is another video that shows how one of the top ten pecan pies in Texas is made. Don't worry Grandma, we did't give away all of your secrets, but we did give a few away. Lori from Mix 94.1 KMXJ came by and our very own Skeeter showed her a thing or two about pie.

Biti Pies makes mini pies and cakes that are perfect and unique gifts for your loved ones. We ship all over the country, so you don't have to be down the road from our local Amarillo bakery to enjoy our sweet treats! We've been making Biti Pies and Cakes since the mid 80's and we're thrilled to have grown into a position to distribute our Biti Pies and cakes to restaurants and convenience stores all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and New Mexico! We're eager to expand further, so get in touch if you love our Biti Pies and want to carry them in your shop, restaurant, or convenience store.

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Going a step further, we've made it easy for you to place your Biti Pie orders online, we will ship it out quickly and you will get the best pies and cakes in the country delivered right to your door in no time, straight from our Amarillo, Tx bakery.

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Itty Biti Red Velvet Cake
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