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Our Story

Biti Pies, Inc., is a family owned and operated business that was established in a little house on a prairie, about 6 or 7 miles west of Sundown, Texas, (pop. 1100) in the mid 1980s. The founding creators of the business included the Mom and her five children (one of which was the Dad). As you can imagine, this environment was a bastion of creativity. Due in part to being isolated, almost all of the family's activities were of the homemade variety. The youngest child in this family was a girl and was referred to as The Little Biti Girl. This name was soon shortened to The Biti Girl, then The Biti, and finally to just plain ol' Biti (much to her mid-twenties chagrin she is still usually referred to as Biti). As most families are aware, kids generally like to emulate what Mom and Dad are making. Normally the child's version is smaller and cuter. In the circumstance of pie and cake making, this is especially true, so when the Mom and Biti would make pies they always made at least one little Biti pie.

And so the Biti Pie was born.....

Later, in 2000, the family opened a little diner in Spearman, Texas, (pop. 3000). Discovered in 2003, was a Biti Pie bakery in the back room of the diner! It took quite a bit of construction and the acquisition of baking equipment, but soon all aspects of a bakery were achieved.

In 2006, the demand for Biti products outgrew the original bakery at the family diner. To satisfy the many hungry customers, the family acquired an even bigger Biti Pie kitchen in Amarillo, Texas (pop. 175,000). The family is very proud of its new facility and urges everyone to stop by and bite a Biti! Check out the link to the left for driving directions.

In 2010, in an effort to make the treats even more accessable, Biti Pies started self-distributing products to convenience stores in and around Amarillo, and in 2011, food distributors began carrying Biti Pies to diversify and increase quality within their product lineups.

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